A disappointed Pokmon GO Fest attendee has proposed class-action lawsuit against Niantic

For many, Pokmon GO is so summer 2016. But at least 20,000 people are still die-hard fans of the game, as proven by their participation in Pokmon GO Fest in Chicagos Grant Park last week.

Unfortunately, the event was a disappointment to many attendees, who could not get data service and ended up waiting on long lines without the AR-based game to keep them entertained. And beyond the cell networks having gone down, the game itself was also struggling.

Our own Greg Kumparak, a world-class trainer in his own right, went to the event, and described it like this:

Tapping a monster to catch it would result in nothing but an error screen a particular punch in the gut to many a player who traveled far in hopes of completing their Pokedex, as the park was set to spawn some of the games rarest monsters. Youd tap an Unown or a Heracross (usually only available in very specific regions, and certainly not in the middle of Chicago), and the game would crash.

While Niantic has offered refunds on admission (plus $100 of in-game currency) to attendees of Pokemon GO Fest, at least one man is not satisfied.

Jonathan Norton has proposed a class action lawsuit against Niantic for unspecified damages, saying that the festival didnt live up to what Niantic had promised, according to Ars Technica.

While tickets only cost around $25, including fees, many folks traveled from outside of Chicago to capture the rarest Pokmon in the game and enjoy a day with their peers. Instead, many felt their investment in the Fest was wasted due to crashed servers, non-existent cell service, and long lines to simply exit the park.

You can check out the complaint below:

We reached out to Niantic and we havent heard back yet. Well update if/when we do.

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